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Moorpark, is a city in the county of Ventura, in Southern California. It is not far from the Pacific Ocean and ranks among the safest populated cities in the United States. The county is one of the most affluent, being the sixth wealthiest county in California, and one-hundredth wealthiest in the country, regarding the per capita income. After being inhabited by Indians, the area was given to the Pico brothers as a land grant by the Governor of California. In 1887, Robert Poindexter was granted title to the site and named it after the Moorpark apricot which was being grown in the region at that time.

The city is located in a small valley and was established in 1900 with the application for a post office. In 1904 the Southern Pacific Railroad built a depot there and the town started to grow. It was incorporated on July 1, 1983. Convenient transportation is available, including Amtrak, commuter rail, buses, and excellent highways, which makes it easy to visit Los Angeles, Disneyland, and other popular locations..

The climate in this area is ideal for those who want to avoid extremely hot or extremely cold weather. The lowest temperature during the year is in January (40 to 68 degrees) and the hottest in July (70-98 degrees). Total precipitation for the year is about 18.41 inches.

People living in this area enjoy a wide variety of schools. There are 12 schools covering grades preschool through high school. In addition, there is nearby Moorpark College which opened in 1967. The college has 150 acres and is one of the few schools that offer an Exotic Animal Training and Management Program.

The residents have been adamant in preserving the beauty of the area and homes have been built, in the city, that reflect the affluent makeup of the area. These homes have many embellishments which are rare in ones that are being built today. In 2006, a 1,680 housing project was proposed for the north-east part of the city. This was overwhelmingly defeated at the polls by residents who wish to preserve the natural beauty of the area.

There is a active Adult Center in the city, as well as access to numerous avenues of sports and entertainment. One will find things such as ice hockey, soccer, equestrian paths, and hundreds of other activities. The city has outstanding restaurants and many places that offer excellent local, and imported, entertainment. There is something that will satisfy the desires of any family member.

This is a beautiful area with lots of green open space, parks, and beautiful homes. In 2007 Moorpark homes in the area were selling for almost $800,000. The economic slump has recovered and the houses are now start in the $400,000 range. This offers the opportunity to  move into a beautiful community by purchasing a first-class home at a great savings.

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