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What’s My Property Worth

What is My Home Worth?

Instant online home valuation estimates are fun and interesting, but more accurate details about a home (bedrooms, bathrooms, home age, etc.), specific location, property tax assessment information, sales histories of the home,  other homes that have recently sold in the area, and the current local real estate environment into my analysis. Property values provided by a real estate broker are called Comparative Market Analysis or CMA for short.

Maybe you’re planning to sell and you want to know how much money you can expect to receive from the proceeds of the sale. Or maybe you’re planning to refinance and need to figure out the current refinance value to calculate your potential equity. Valuing real estate can be a difficult task for a couple of key reasons:

1 -Every piece of real estate is unique. Even in a planned community with cookie-cutter homes, each house is on a lot that occupies a unique location.
2 – Markets are constantly changing. The market can change so fast that home valuations are outdated even within a month after they’ve been calculated. 

The easiest and most accurate way to find out what your home is worth is to contact me. I professionally work with home valuations every day, so I have my finger is on the pulse of the market. And I gladly provide free, custom home valuation – with no obligation. Simply contact me directly, schedule a free consolation, or better yet, fill in the details about your home below and I will contact you with a customized home valuation report.

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