Dedree Hoyt, REALTOR®

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A Friend In The Business

Dedree Hoyt’s enthusiasm for her work is contagious. She has been in the business for over 30 years now and continues to facilitate not only her clients’ moves but their lives as well. That is what makes Dedree such an invaluable asset to the Real Estate community – she goes the extra mile. Dedree not only performs the complex work normally expected of an agent but also makes sure that her clients are comfortable with every step she takes.

Dedree understands that a home is the single-most-important aspect of a person’s life. When you are not happy with your home, you’re just not happy. Dedree is here to make sure that you find exactly what you are looking for. It brings her great satisfaction to see her clients settle into the home they had envisioned, as opposed to a home that they were pushed into for business reasons.

Dedree also understands that moving is a time of high anxiety. That is why she has given herself to mitigating every facet of your move, from finances to emotions. She extends a helping hand to people who need not only an agent but also someone to take the wheel for a while. Dedree considers the entire spectrum of her client’s needs: schooling, neighborhood orientation, proximity to resources, you name it. In Dedree you’ve found a person who is thinking about your needs even as she falls asleep at night.

Dedree has lived in the area for over 40+ years. She attended Cal Lutheran University and earned her Masters degree at USC.

Dedree’s experience in the real estate business is even more impressive. Among other things, she has worked in property sales, property management, the foreclosure business, real estate law, insurance, eviction, bank-owned property, and short-pays. Dedree brings this abundance of experience to the table every time she sits down to talk with a client.

What is more remarkable is Dedree’s attitude toward work. She is enthusiastic, detail-oriented, and above all else, punctual. When you place a call with Dedree, you know she will return it promptly. When you make an appointment with her, you know that she is going to be there on time. It is that personal work ethic that completes Dedree’s portfolio and separated her from the pack. Dedree comes highly recommended to anyone who is looking for more than just a real estate agent, but a friend to see them through the ordeal of finding the right home.