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Curb appeal is the terms for what a buyer sees the first time they visit. You get one chance to make a good impression – the first one.

There are thousands of ways to improve the look of your home to potential buyers, but not all may be necessary. Some can be costly and unnecessary if your home is priced slightly lower than the original desired price. This works well if the cost to remodel is more than the value you’ll get from it in the final price of the home when it’s sold.  

Many curb appeal items can be done with minimal cost. Some often go overlooked. It’s important to have a professional opinion ( a 3rd party) take a look and find the small details that owners often miss after living in the property for a long time. Sometimes your eyes just get used to it, it happens all the time. An expert in curb appeal can greatly improve yours overall curb appeal score. Unlike staging your home for sale, curb appeal consultations can be done quickly, efficiently, and without cost. I offer my free curb appeal consultation to help get you started on the process of getting the most money for the sale of your home.

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Curb Appeal Consultation

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