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Real Estate Technology

Below is a small list of the current technology I use in my real estate sales. These tools greatly aid me in many aspects of my business, listings, closings and during escrows. 

A Note About Data Privacy & Security

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Technology has dramatically increased the amount of consumer data collected and used by businesses. I strongly support efforts to protect consumers’ sensitive personal information. The REALTOR® code of Ethics and Standards of Practice explicitly acknowledge a REALTOR’s® obligation to preserve the confidentiality of personal information provided by clients in the course of any agency or non-agency relationship—both during and after the termination of these business relationships.

Electronic Signatures & Authorizations

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A host of online tools allow me to manage many aspects of a property transaction without touching a sheet of paper, and knowing how to use this technology is key to running a successful real estate business. Electronic signature and authorization systems technology allows buyers, sellers, lenders, title agents and other parties to a transaction to remotely review, revise and approve documents using a computer or mobile device, inducing bottlenecks and speeding the path to closing.

Social Media

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I use a wide variety of Social media platforms to introduce potential buyers to my listings. While most are for business-related displays, I occasionally will utilize personal accounts as well if the home is right for very close friends of mine. Balance is a key aspect of my social media usage. 


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Drone usage is a growing trend in the real estate industry. I typically hire a professional drone pilot/photographer when obtaining drone video footage and photographs. 

Using drones in real estate marketing allows you to show the property from many unique angles, allowing the prospective buyer to view not only the house, the roof and yard, but also the surrounding neighborhood and views.

Digital Photographs and Virtual Tours

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Digital photography and virtual tours allow REALTORS® to serve their clients like never before. Digital images can quickly and professionally showcase a listing, and today’s technologically savvy buyers appreciate the convenience of a virtual tour for both long-distance and local moves. All of my listings are showcased in professional quality digital photographs.


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I utilize the REALTOR system called MLS. It stands for Multiple Listing Service. These are the services other agents and brokers use as well to help find properties for their clients. All of my listings are showcased in the MLS. 

IDX is a term for how those MLS listings are displayed across the internet on other agents’ web pages. I advise my clients to allow for IDX broadcast as it greatly improves the overall distribution of the listing across many different vendues. You’ll note that the listings shown on my website use the MLS via IDX technology.

Web Pages and Search Engines

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My website is coded to allow search engines to “pick” individual listings and add them to the search index. This also greatly increases the distribution of the listing across new channels and popular real estate hubs and search engines. I utlize Search Engine Optimisation on my website to increase the chances of the search engines adding listings to thier search index.

Showing Technology

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I use the latest versions of hardware for lockbox / key technology. This allows sellers to see who has showing the property went. It allows me to follow up with showing and get feedback from the prospective buyers via their agent. Cloud software is intergrated to allow real time data and notifications.

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